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Alex Diciaula

Welcome! I am Alex

I first began practicing yoga somewhere along the way as a teenager to supplement my training as a multi-sport athlete. I continued practicing yoga and meditation for the physical benefits as well as for the mental clarity into college where I thrived on the basketball court. My pregame routine included yoga and an "In the Zone" meditation. I began taking yoga more seriously after my career ended, as I transitioned from more of a competitive mindset towards one of unity consciousness. I became more interested in the philosophy, pranayama, and lifestyle, as well as the therapeutic benefits for those with special needs, the field I work in. Feeling the transformation influence my own wellness, and the more I began to live my yoga, and the more I understood how powerful it is, I felt a calling to learn more and to share more. 

I took my 230 hour yoga teacher training in 2018, graduated in the spring of 2019, and immediately turned around and enrolled in graduate school; I will also be receiving my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling in December 2021. I am grateful to be on a path that can directly apply the practical wisdom and benefits of yoga into the mental health field, where I feel like I am serving as a bridge, connecting Eastern and Western medicines (I am also finishing up my Ayurveda Wellness Counselor course as well, which is how Vincent and I met!)

I am grateful to continue on this yogic path of consciousness, bliss, and union. I look forward to not only sharing what I have learned so far on my own sacred journey, but to learn from each and everyone I engage with. We are all mirrors, we are all teachers, we are all love : )