Alina Kazan Moksha Yoga Amazonica


Alina Kazandjian

Hi! I’m Alina, an Armenian / American yoga teacher and forever student! I am also an artist, nature lover, traveler, adventure seeker and heart-led soul. I value connection, expression and freedom above anything else. As someone who loves to express through movement and dance I fell in love with yoga primarily due to the asana, as most people do. Something about combining movement with breathe spoke so deep to my soul. But it was not long after embarking on my yoga journey that I unlocked even deeper layers to this sacred practice. It has helped me in so many ways, which is why I choose to devote a lot of my purpose to help sharing it with others. I love incorporating my own unique creativity and flow into all my classes because I view yoga also as an art. An art to help humans connect even deeper with themselves and their expression. I have been teaching yoga since early 2020, but have been practicing for over 6 years. I have spent the past two years teaching in my hometown of Florida and around Central America, ranging from Panama, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. I am now a 500 hour certified YTT, and desire to continue to travel around using this practice to connect with as many souls as I can. 

Aside from my experience in the yoga world, I also hold a bachelors degree of fine art and graphic design. I spent most of my young years painting, drawing, and expressing myself through the visual arts. Its always a part of me and I still do some work in these fields as well. I consider myself a multifaceted being who can do it all! Why not! I am inspired by Pachamama and all the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I speak English, Armenian and intermediate Spanish, hoping to be fluent one day!