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Alina Kazandjian

Alina, a devotee of yoga, a wellness enthusiast, an artist, a Bhakti yogi, and a free spirit, places great value on connection, expression, and freedom. Her journey into yoga initially served as a means to deepen her self-connection, but it has since evolved into a global exploration, where she shares this sacred practice to help others embark on a similar path around the world.

With extensive experience in yoga studios across the United States, Europe, and India, Alina integrates her creativity and authenticity into every class. Her offerings include flow vinyasa classes, nourishing yin classes, expressive movement sessions, experimental sound baths, kirtan, and much more! Nature and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit drive her not only in her teachings but also in life. Alina is profoundly passionate about spreading this practice while honoring its sacred Indian roots, constantly reminding people of the true essence of yoga — union.