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Anik Clément


My name is Anik, a lively vinyasa yoga teacher currently residing in Canada, originally from Michigan. Throughout my life I have felt called and attracted to movement. My Mexican Mother introduced me to the yoga world, and I have stayed there for as long as I remember.

Soon after High School, I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training to teach meditation, pranayama, ashtanga and vinyasa. I have been teaching vinyasa yoga at Nautilus Plus in Montreal, Quebec, and live online yoga classes for Healing Through Movement. I’m proud to have teaching experience that has expanded through Michigan and Maine with adults and children of all ages.

A strong personal practice helped me through dark moments in life, and it made me realize; if I can get through this, I want to help others as well. Becoming a teacher triggered and blossomed a deep root of love and understanding of the spiritual philosophy which has kept me hooked. My passion is to guide and hold space for individuals as they evolve through their paths. 

You can expect challenging yet meaningful classes that consciously connect prana (breath) to asana (postures). There is so much you can uncover when diving into the yoga world. It is a never-ending romance with yourself and the world.

When you are ready, let’s meet at our mats and connect.