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Danni Cullen

Danni comes from a Background of Theatre and Performance. For years she has worked with Touring theatre companies all over the world. However with the stress and uncertainty of the acting world she decided to try yoga, the perfect way to bring a little calm into her hectic world and stay fit for productions. Never realising the effects that this practice would have on her. 

Whilst on Tour in South America she discovered Ashtanga Yoga, and it wasn't Long before the shift from stage to Yoga mat began. 

More drawn to yoga and inspired, she wanted to deepen her practice and dive deeper into the history, the philosophy and understand more how this physical practice gave her such a deep connection and awareness to body, mind and spirit. In 2014 she fled to Mysore India to complete her first 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. Whilst traveling over the years it became obvious she wanted to share this practice, and completed her 300 hour teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga. 

Danni went on to teach on teacher trainings in Portugal, India and Bali. As we never stop being a student, Danni also went on to train with David Kyle completing 50 hours Rocket Teacher Training. 

Danni's teaching style is a blend of her own experiences, energising and engaging. Her classes are dynamic and playful but with a focus on well-being and mindfulness, and of course getting upside down. 

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland she now lives in Mexico. Forever grateful to all our teachers and grateful to be able to share the practice wherever she goes. 

'' The Yoga / meditation practice has helped me to cope better with my daily commitments, realizing that the more we connect to ourselves , the better we connect with each other.''