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Jenny Russell

Hi there, I'm Jenny! I'm an Irish yoga teacher, ayurvedic coach, and musician. I teach and practice traditional tantric hatha yoga, yin yoga, bhakti yoga and vedantic meditation, having studied in the Sri Vidya lineage. Above all else I strive to share the teachings in a way that fosters devotion and reverence - for practice, for the self, and for continuous self-inquiry. Bhakti and mantra practice have played an important role in my yoga journey - having previously worked as a musician directing choirs and playing in bands, the nature of finding harmony & union (yoga) through song, music and group singing is something which I see as integral to my path. 

I studied English and Modern Irish (Gaeilge - the Irish language) and hold a master's degree in Gaeilge, also having worked as a language tutor in the past. I am passionate about health & nutrition also, which led to my studies as an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor alongside my yoga teaching and practice. I see the interweaving of the Doshas, the 5 Elements and words, mantra, song, tonality and notes as my way of weaving together a little bit more harmony in life - one class, one note, one breath at a time