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Karolina Kisiel

Karolina has a deep passion for yoga, movement arts and nature. She grew up dancing and performing with a small company in Canada. She went on to study business and the art of Djing and production but eventually yearned to reestablish a deeper connection with the body. Karolina arrived at her mat through an ashtanga practice, which led her to her first 200hr ytt in Costa Rica. She later furthered her studies, completing a 300hr ytt, functional movement training, and additional yogic studies. Yoga is the union of all things, and the practice has deepened this awareness, allowing her to find sturdier ground and helping her attune to her inner guide.

Eventually Karolina moved to Berlin for a contemporary dance intensive and to be a part of the city's rich movement hub. She took part in dance festivals and residencies in Mexico, Poland, Italy, and India. She continues to practice with the Axis Syllabus and Fighting Monkey community. 

Karolina is Polish and appreciates her roots in Eastern European folk culture, tradition and land practices. She is always keen for an adventure, exploring culture, hiking, gardening, white water canoeing, etc! 

She loves to share her passion for movement and encourage connection and compassion for the natural world. Her movement labs blend contemporary warm-up, energetic practices, locomotive patterns, task-based movement, improvisation, and partnering games. The labs expand on coordination, rhythm, strength and mobility exercises. She teaches Vinyasa flows that fuse mindful strength and build on skill while incorporating the power of breath.