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Kelley Snyder

Kelley has been working in the field of spirituality, movement and mentoring for close to fifteen years. Her dance background dates back to childhood which brought her to yoga in adulthood. Kelley has been formally trained and certified in Yoga (500 hr E-RYT) as well as an extra 50 hour training in Yin Yoga and 30 hour training in Yoga Nidra. Most of her Yoga training was done in San Diego, where Kelley spent many years calling Southern California home. Over the past almost 10 years, she has taught thousands of hours of yoga all over the world (San Diego, San Francisco, NYC, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala) to various groups of people including Performing Artists, Professional Athletes, Families and Business Leaders. Kelley has taught as small as one on one sessions and as large as 100+ Yoga Festival classes! She is a Reiki Master who has trained and certified over 15 people to be Level 1 and 2 Reiki Practitioners. As a life-long student and explorer, Kelley is always participating in classes and programs to add to her knowledge and understanding. She has a certificate in NLP & Timeline Therapy, has graduated a year long Energetic Mastery Coaching program and is currently enrolled in a 60 Hr Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Training. 

Kelley loves to empower her students and clients to remember the magic that already exists within themselves. Kelley infuses her loving and vibrant energy into every single class and session she offers, hoping to impact her students and clients in a positive and long-lasting way. It is her passion to remind EVERYONE that they are intuitive and powerful humans who have the capacity to create anything! During her classes she lets her unique and authentic style shine through with the intention of allowing students to experience the expansiveness of who they truly are.

In the realm of Yoga, Kelley loves to craft classes in a way that unites the body and breath in the most beautiful way. Expect intelligently sequenced posturing as well as fluid movements usually pieced together to match the pace and rhythm of music. Feel the dynamic power & strength of your musculature holding you in challenging poses in tandem with the softness of surrendering to the present moment and whatever that moment brings. 

"Ultimately, my dream is to make sure every person I encounter remembers how powerful they are in the creation of their own life. I love to help others uncover the wisdom within themselves through transformational practices such as movement, breathwork, prayer and journaling. My belief is that with the right set of tools, you can live your life in complete alignment with your Divine Plan, which will gift you blessings beyond your wildest dreams. I also am here to make sure you have FUN during the process of deep healing and learning, which can sometimes feel daunting. When working with me you can except to be heard, seen, coached and loved in a way you never knew possible. I can't wait to remind you of your MAGIC. "