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    Hi Grace, and I hope you're having a lovely day. It's always so nice to read your well-written words, your thoughts, and your life. I think you are a very conscious person, and you inspire me. Thanks for sharing more in details about your previous relationship. I can see...

    Hi Sofie, and it's nice to read about your karma yoga service project. I just loved reading these words and revelation from you!: "My asana practice has revealed to me that my mind often anticipates the most negative possible scenario, and that I often make my decisions based on these...

    Hi Meagan, I can only see the half moon image (which is fine), and although your torso is straight and parallel to the ground, your raised leg could be a little higher to also align with your torso and the floor line. Try also to open your chest and...

    Hi again Kat, Only a few of you have just submitted your self-case study, and I must say I'm very impressed. You clearly put a lot of time and effort in observing and researching about your own condition and imbalances, and which treatments, therapies, and practices you can do to...

    That was a great -and challenging!- class Kat, thank you again. I really liked the fallen triangle with hip dips! To make this part even more challenging: Right knee to right elbow/triceps Right knee to nose/chest Right knee to left elbow/ triceps You can do the following: Right knee to right elbow/triceps...

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