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Reika Shucart

Reika is a global citizen who has embraced the transformative power of yoga. Born in Nepal and raised in Japan and the USA, her multicultural background has deeply influenced her journey. She hold a master's degree in Sociology from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and that is where she discovered her profound love for yoga. Throughout her life, she embarked on incredible adventures, backpacking across South and Central America, and living and working in diverse locations such as Nicaragua, Hawaii, and other parts of the world.

Having explored various yoga styles and disciplines, she has also immersed herself in extensive meditation trainings such as Vipassana, seeking to harmonize both mind and body. She has completed her 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training with Yogaworks LA. Recently, she had the privilege of completing her second 300-hour training with Annie Carpenter, specializing in the SmartFLOW method.

She is an advocate for accessibility and inclusivity in yoga space, and firmly believes in making yoga accessible and inclusive not only physically, but also by breaking the barrier of entry. Her mission is to create a safe and welcoming yoga space for individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences. Through her teachings, she strives to empower others to discover the transformative potential within themselves.