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             "I've grown so much and 

              and have never felt so


            United States


             "It felt such a community

             and we all grew so close"

            United States


             "It's been amazing and I've

              learned so much"


            United States


             "It's life-changing"


            United States

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             "I was looking for a natural 


            United States


             "There is an intensity, but

               it's well-balanced"

            United States


             "I wanted extra tools to

              incorporate in my 


            United States


             "We've learned on a lot of

              different topics" 



             "It was a life-changing 

              experience for me"


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            "I want to incorporate yogic

             exercises in my psychiatric

             nursing practice"

            United States


             "I learned the context to

              make more sense of the 

              physical practice"

            United States


             "I wanted to take my 

             practice to another level" 

            United States

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           "For me it was about getting

            more in tune with the philo-

            sophy of yoga"

            United States


             "The meditation practice

              took me to new levels"



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             "Teaching methodology

              brought practicality into                    t;he training"

            United States

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             "The shatkarma cleansing

              techniques were new to 

              me and my favorite"

            United States


             "The meditation was exquisite because  

              of the location"




             "It feels very grounding to me to be 

              around this much nature"


            United States


             "I met wonderful souls that feel

              like family"



Cusco Sacred Valley
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


             "Yoga is really from the 

              heart, from service"

            United Kingdom


             "I wanted to dive deeper

              into self-understanding"

            United States


             "I really felt the connection

              to earth here in Peru"



             "I wanted to gain a deeper

             understanding to share it  

             in a better way"  

            United States


             "Yoga is really from the 

              heart, from service"




             "There was space to take

              in all the learning"


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             "I love how we grow into a

              family during these                            weeks"


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             "I reconnected with my

             body and mind" 



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