What Are Doshas?

All of our bodily functions are fueled by energy and this internal energy is described as dosha. There are 3 doshas, and each has a different influence on your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Dosha refers to the universal energy that permeates our very being and exists in all of nature. Every bodily function, from the motion of fluids within the body to the breakdown and absorption of nutrients is powered by energy. This internal energy that powers cellular processes, metabolism, and every thought is described as dosha.

This universal energy force or dosha can be categorized into three dosha types – vata or air, pitta or fire, and kapha or earth. These three doshas are present in all of us with variations in each of the energy levels. This means the balance of doshas is not fixed or universal, but constantly in flux, depending on the time of day, seasons, and environment. Some of us may have higher levels of vata, others could have higher levels or pitta or kapha, and so on. What’s important to keep in mind is that this delicate balance of doshas has a direct impact on your physical, physiological, and emotional wellbeing.

A better understanding of the doshas will therefore give you a good insight into Ayurveda and how to use Ayurvedic solutions to promote better health, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual.

The energy or constitution you were born with, your genetic code so-to-speak, is called Prakruti or Prakriti. The constitution or energy you have been feeling lately or now is called your Vikruti or Vikriti. By comparing your Vikruti with your Prakruti constitutions, you can see where you’ve gone out-of-balance and take steps to balance your dosha levels with a combination of nutritional, exercise, breath work, meditation practice, herbal, and lifestyle changes.


Find your Prakruti


Type: Q=Question, O=Observation,

Categories: P=Physical, Ph=Physiological, E=Emotional, M=Mental, T=Tendencies

To find out your Prakruti Ayurvedic constitution, answer each question according to what has been true for you throughout your life. If you are struggling with a choice, choose according to what best reflects your healthiest, most vibrant period of life.


1.Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Body Frame Characteristic
2.Question/Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Lifelong Weight Tendency
3.Question/Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Skin Complexion: Considering my ethnicity, my complexion is:
4.Question/Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Skin prone to
5.Question/Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Nails
6.Question/Observation – Physical, General Appearance | Voice: Relative to others of my gender, my voice is:
7.Question/Observation – Physical, Qualities of Face & Hair | Face Shape
8.Question/Observation – Physical, Qualities of Face & Hair | Hair Volume
9.Question/Observation – Physical, Qualities of Face & Hair | Eye Size
10.Question/Observation – Physical, Qualities of Face & Hair | The whites of my eyes are
11.Question/Observation – Physiological | Body Temperature
12.Question – Physiological | Immune System
13.Question – Physiological | Stamina
14.Question – Physiological | Sweating: Relative to others, I tend to sweat (perspire):
15.Question – Physiological | Sleep Patterns
16.Question – Physiological | My exercise tolerance is relatively:
17.Question – Physiological | My endurance is:
18.Question – Physiological | Pulse – Compared to the norms for my gender (Men 60-70, Women 70-80), my resting pulse rate is: (How to calculate: rest for 10 minutes, place 2 fingers on the inside of your wrist, below your thumb, count the beats for 30 seconds and double this number to get the number of beats per minute (bpm).
19.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | My Appetite is:
20.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | The food that I generally crave is:
21.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | I tend to eat:
22.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | My capacity for food is:
23.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | When hungry
24.Question – Physiological – Digestive Qualities | My bowel habit is:
25.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | My mind is:
26.Question – Qualities of Mind | Nature/Personality
27.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | Temperament
28.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | Mental activity
29.Question – Qualities of Mind | Memory
30.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | Communication skills & speech pattern
31.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | Mood
32.Question/Observation – Qualities of Mind | Career, life preference
33.Question – Qualities of Mind | Adaptability to change
34.Question – Qualities of Mind | Concentration
35.Question – Qualities of Mind | Decision Making
36.Question – Qualities of Mind | Leadership qualities
37.Question – Qualities of Mind | Reaction Under Stress
38.Question – Qualities of Mind | My dreams commonly involve:
39.Question – Qualities of Mind | My sex drive is:
40.Question – Tendencies | Favorite way to learn
41.Question – Tendencies | Preferred yoga style
42.Question – Tendencies | Spending tendency
43.Question – Tendencies | Travel
44.Question – Tendencies | Routine activity
45.Question – Tendencies | Tendency to follow instructions, protocol, directions