Find your Vikruti


Type: Q=Question, O=Observation,

Categories: P=Physical, Ph=Physiological, E=Emotional, M=Mental, T=Tendencies

In this second section of the Ayurvedic constitution assessment, answer each question according to what has been true for you most recently (in the past months or years) to discover your Vikruti. If you are struggling with a choice, choose according to what best reflects your less vibrant, most out-of-balance periods of life.


1.My speech has often been quick and lively.
2.I have enjoyed making lists and crossing off completed tasks.
3.I have been a loyal friend and devoted in my relationships.
4.My movements have often been quick and sharp.
5.I have been thorough in what I do.
6.I have been forgiving in general.
7.I have been getting excited easily.
8.I have been enjoying taking on new projects.
9.I have been slow to move and moving slowly.
10.I have been spontaneous and open to trying new things.
11.I have been aiming for perfection and keeping high standards.
12.I have been tending to hold emotions inside.
13.I have been full of ideas and creative.
14.I have been getting irritated and impatient easily.
15.I have been withdrawing instead of confronting.
16.I have been sensitive and emotional.
17.I do things with passion and energy.
18.I have difficulty leaving a relationship, even after it is no longer nourishing.
19.I get stressed easily and tend to worry or get anxious.
20.Friends say I am intense.
21.I don’t like change and enjoy a steady routine.
22.I have been feeling worried or anxious.
23.I have been feeling irritable or impatient.
24.I have been having difficulty getting up and going in the morning.
25.I have been having difficulty falling asleep or awakening easily.
26.I have been critical and intolerant of errors.
27.I am currently overweight and have difficulty losing extra pounds.
28.My daily schedule of eating meals, going to sleep or awakening has been varying often from day to day.
29.I have been compulsive and having difficulty stopping.
30.I have been accumulating clutter in my life.
31.I have been impulsive.
32.I have been strongly opinionated and sharing my point of view without being asked.
33.I’ve liked to maintain a routine and resisted changing my pace.
34.I’ve been experiencing nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, or fear
35.I’ve been having inflammation in the body – e.g. joint inflammation with rheumatoid arthritis, digestive inflammation with irritable bowel syndrome
36.I’ve been having excess mucous in the respiratory system or in stools
37.I’ve been having tremors and twitches
38.I’ve been feeling impatient and restless
39.I’ve been feeling lethargic
40.I’ve been feeling ungrounded
41.I’ve been feeling snappy, judgmental or criticizing, more angry, irritable, or hostile that I’d like to admit
42.I’ve been feeling down, sad, dull, or inactive