Post-Departure Reflections

Graduation Requirements


You are required to complete all online lessons, quizzes, forum posts, anatomy & physiology quizzes and examination, submit essay papers online, and prepare talking points, comments, and questions for group discussions, ideally before arriving. If you cannot complete all the pre-arrival phase before arriving, not to worry! Upon successful completion of the in-person phase you will still receive your certificate from Moksha Yoga Amazonica, however the school will wait until you’ve finished all course work before verifying your registration with Yoga Alliance.



A. Asana practicum presentation (45 mins)
Your asana practicum can be of any style you’d like. For example Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Children’s yoga, dance yoga, and so on. Be creative and don’t be afraid to go outside the box (this is the place and time to do so!)

We ask you to stay at or below the 45 minute mark, to simulate a studio class context. This means that you may need to prolong, add, or remove postures as you go teaching your class if you see your timing is too fast or too slow. The more you prepare and practice, the more your class delivery will align with your preparation time.

We want you to start thinking about your final asana practicum presentation early on! Please be ready to present and discuss your asana practicum class outline during your first 1-on-1 integration interview with one of the teachers on day 3 (12:30 – 14:00 | One-on-one integration interview #1 & Self-study, swim or nap time). We ask you to write the names of the postures and/or draw them with time allotted to each, or we also invite you to explore yoga sequence builders online. One such site that we like is as you can create several sequences for free. Do a search for “(online) yoga sequence builders” and you will find other options as well.

Please upload a draft written and/or drawn description of your 45 minute class in the upload box section of the In-Peru Training Phase Day 3 (12:30 – 14:00 | One-on-one integration interview #1 & Self-study, swim or nap time) lesson and/or bring it with you physically to your first integration interview that day.

If you’re unsure what to present, please watch and explore different asana classes, from different teachers and styles, to zone into the style you’d like to prepare, practice, and present as part of your 200 hour YTT.

Before you present us with your asana practicum draft, we ask you to practice it a few times and time your total number of postures to be around 45 minutes.


B. An open-minded and open-heart attitude
Perhaps you’re vegan, or perhaps a hunter. Perhaps you’re a former gymnast and already teaching asana classes, or perhaps you’re recovering from injury or trauma and simply want to reconnect with yourself, with no plans of teaching yoga. We can learn from everyone, and forge unexpected friendships.

We ask you to be respectful of all students, teaching, kitchen, and cleaning staff, neighbors, and the next person after that.. Even with jet lag, change of daily schedule and food, cravings, exhaustion, soreness, pain, or illness, you are responsible for your behavior and the energy you shine and reflect on others. You will connect with this very group of souls likely only once; make the most of it.

Your attitude shapes your experience, learning, and growth. The real learning takes place after you’ve received your certificate, returned home, and begin to change and apply to your daily life some of the practices you will learn and experience during YTT. Therefore, do take things with a grain of salt, and do not injure yourself attempting postures that your body is not ready for. Explore your edge gently, even if someone leading asana class is pushing you to hold a posture for longer than you can at that moment. Take Child’s pose, or Savasana whenever needed.

You are privileged to be able to afford the time and financial commitment that is attending Yoga Teacher Training, enjoy it 🙂


C. Meditation Practicum (optional 5-30 mins)
For those of you who would like to lead a meditation practice in the morning or at sunset, simply come and tell us at any time during the training and we’ll arrange a slot for you.



At the closing ceremony you will receive two certificates: one 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to register as RYT200 with Yoga Alliance, and a 20 hours Ayurvedic Self-care Routine Continuing Education certificate that you can use towards fulfilling Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements.

A. Final examination (no time limit, can re-take)
We’ve prepared a final written examination to help you synthesize some of the most important concepts. This is not something to stress about, but rather to look forward to in the sense of further integrating some new concepts, ideas, and meanings as you complete the training. Please ensure you have completed the final examination online before registering with Yoga Alliance.

Course Discussion