Post-Departure Reflections

Karma Yoga Project #1 – Perform a selfless service in your home, building, community, or online

Karma Yoga – Voluntary Work

We invite you today to discover or re-experience the joy of serving other people out of a purely selfless motivation. This is a wonderful aid in developing more self-discipline and will-power, opening the heart and growing spiritually. Practicing karma yoga also provides a space to set yourself and your preferences aside for a while to deepen in self-discovery and become inspired to live a more spiritually fulfilling life. What you receive from the experience will be directly reflective of what you give.


Please read or review chapter 3 of The Bhagavad Gita from the library or audio book below:

And the following article from the Yoga Journal: Do Yoga do Good


For today we ask you to perform a selfless service action in your home, building, community, or online. This can be anything you’d like that is meaningful to you, and can take a few minutes to several hours (there is no time requirement).

Please write about 1 page describing how you came to decide what it is you would offer and to whom (how does the service you did relate to your value system?), why, how, what was the response you got from the receiver if any, and how did you feel before, during, and after performing the service? Tell us about your expectations after performing the action and how you felt.

You can upload your text in the assignment below below. You can use most standard file format such as .docx, .pdf, .xls, .zip, etc.

Prepare one to two talking points or questions in relation to your Karma yoga project or Selfless service in general for class discussions.

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