Pre-work for Philosophy Class

Greetings!  Welcome to Moksha Yoga Amazónica 200 Yoga Teacher Training.  I trust this will be a wonderful experience for you, that you will learn a lot, that you will become Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers.  And I also hope that you will find this study and all the work you do to be personally transformative.

I am so excited to look at the history and philosophy of yoga with you during this YTT.  I realize that our time is short during the actual training period.  So, I am asking you to do a few things prior to the start of class.  In his welcome letter, Vincent mentioned starting to read the Bhagavad Gita.  Specifically please read Eknath Easwaran’s introduction to his translation of the Gita.  It is excellent!  By reading this introduction, you will have an overview of the themes and flow of the Gita which will make it MUCH more understandable for you as you read it during the course of the YTT.  In one class I will provide you a brief introduction, then we will read and discuss the Gita over the following 3 classes.  That works out to 6 chapters per class.   So you can begin reading if you would like as it will lighten your load during YTT.  But, please read the introduction.

In addition, to prepare to begin our study of the Bhagavad Gita, watch Eknath Easwaran in one or two short YouTube videos.  You get to hear this wonderful teacher talking about the Gita.  In the first (3 minutes long), Eknath talks about Gandhi’s relationship with the Gita.  In the second video (36 minutes) Eknath comments on some of his favorite verses. It is a bit long and slow.  The content is wonderful but it does take some effort to focus. So, give this one a try but I understand if you find it difficult to follow. Personally, I found both inspiring. 



For a modern Indian interpretation of the Gita and its value and applicability to many facets of modern life, listen to this TED talk Roopa Pai.  She applies the lessons of the Gita to a wide variety of topics but avoids the religious interpretation.