Responsibility & Ethics Agreement, & Criteria for Certification

Moksha Yoga Amazónica

yoga teacher in-training responsibility agreement

I understand that Moksha Yoga Amazonica Yoga Teacher Training is a physically and psychologically rigorous residential immersion program. I am responsible for my experience and for my well-being while on the program. I agree to support Moksha Yoga Amazonica’s retreat environment and contribute to a safe, respectful, and positive experience for everyone in-house during my stay. 

I understand that the practice of yoga often produces non-ordinary states of awareness, and that program instructors and staff are not responsible for managing every student’s personal needs. I understand that this Yoga Teacher Training curriculum has been designed to create the optimal yoga education for the majority of students, and each specific experience may have content that differs from my beliefs. I understand that the study of yoga involves exploring and discussing different belief systems. I agree to respect all the ideas and practices that are presented as part of Moksha Yoga Amazonica’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. 

I understand that any ideas presented are not necessarily the view of Moksha Yoga Amazonica. I understand that Moksha Yoga Amazonica is not requiring me to change my beliefs in any way in order to be certified as a 200-Hour Yoga teacher. 

I understand that practicing yoga is often about exploring new boundaries and personal limitations. I recognize that activities of this nature involve an element of physical, emotional, and psychological risk. I understand that each person’s level of physical and psychological fitness is different, and that some activities may not be appropriate for me given my individual capacities. I accept the need to monitor my own participation in each activity, and each exercise within any given activity, and that Moksha Yoga Amazonica is not responsible for any physical and psychological risk I choose to take in my education, exploration, and inquiry. 

Although my attendance is required in each session for me to become certified as a Yoga teacher, my participation is never required if I feel unsafe in any way. It is my responsibility to honor my physical and psychological boundaries, and if I feel unsafe in any way, to stop participation in an experience and speak to a staff member. 


Substance Use 

The use or abuse of alcohol or other recreational drugs is prohibited during the training and is not allowed on the premises (including micro-dosing). Violation of this policy at any time during the training will result in dismissal from the program with no refunds. 


Promotional Efforts 

At times Moksha Yoga Amazonica takes photographs and makes audio and video recordings of guests to promote the benefits of participating in its programs and activities. Whenever these activities are happening, I can tell Moksha Yoga Amazonica staff that I do not want to participate, or move to a place in the room that is not being photographed or recorded. Otherwise I hereby consent to being the subject of any photographs or audio/video recordings made during my stay by Moksha Yoga Amazonica staff, other students/participants, or 3rd party photographers/videographers, and grant permission for these to be published or posted in ways that promote Moksha Yoga Amazonica. All media (photographs and videos) recorded during Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, or other Events at Moksha Yoga Amazonia are the property of Moksha Yoga Amazonica and can be used in our marketing efforts or by 3rd parties with which Moksha Yoga Amazonica enters into agreement. 


Social Media and Posting of Photographs and Videos 

Moksha Yoga Amazonica recognizes that a portion of its guests wish to photograph or record aspects of their program experience to post on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. In order to protect the privacy of others, Moksha Yoga Amazonica asks all students who do not wish their photograph to be published on the internet to tell a staff member so that all can be informed. All media (photographs and videos) recorded during Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, or other Events at Moksha Yoga Amazonia are the property of Moksha Yoga Amazonica and can be used in our marketing content or by 3rd parties with which Moksha Yoga Amazonica enters into agreement.


Release of Liability 

After being informed of the above risks and responsibilities, I generally release Moksha Yoga Amazonica, together with its instructors and other representatives, from all claims, causes of action, medical expenses, and other costs related to my guest participation, whether they arise while at Moksha Yoga Amazonica, or from my later use of information or instruction at home. 



  1. I will observe my actions, thoughts and words at every moment, and will behave with the utmost kindness and consideration to my colleagues, peers, teachers and all staff/volunteers at the training center.
  2. I understand that this course will teach me the foundations to become a Yoga Teacher, however my success depends entirely on my own commitment, practice and study, especially after the training. 
  3. I understand that the path of Yoga is a continuous process and that the 200-hour teacher training is simply the beginning of a vast career spanning thousands of hours of practice, study and teaching.
  4. I understand that I choose to invest a great deal of energy into this intensive course. Due to this high level of intensity, there may be growth and transformation that manifests with radical emotion and mood changes. I assume full responsibility for my actions.
  5. I understand that being punctual is extremely important. Failure to comply with this commitment is a lack of respect towards my colleagues and instructors. I promise to be punctual for the entire duration of the course. 
  6. I understand that the teachings of Yoga can be different, controversial, and may be opposite to my own personal spiritual beliefs and opinions. I commit to having an open mind during the training.
  7. I understand that in order to obtain my certificate, I must attend 100% of the course. If I am feeling sick or have a personal emergency, I will communicate this to one of the instructors. I agree to keep a personal record of my absences in case I miss any parts of the course for legitimate reasons.
  8. Once I have completed the course and fulfilled all the expectations, I will obtain a diploma that certifies completion of the course. This is valid to register, at my own cost, as a RYT200 Yoga Teacher at, pending Moksha Yoga Amazonica’s approval of my application once I have completed all homework and assignments. 


Moksha Yoga Amazónica teacher’s ethics agreement

The nature of yoga promotes physical and psychological growth through which profound transformation can occur. As a yoga teacher, you must possess a high degree of emotional maturity and personal integrity in order to serve and empower your students, as it is your responsibility to uphold and foster a sacred, safe environment to allow transformation to happen. 


As a Moksha Yoga Amazónica Yoga teacher, I agree to the following code of ethics: 

  • I agree to have a sincere commitment to provide the highest-quality care to those who seek my professional services. 
  • I agree to represent my qualifications honestly and provide only the services I am qualified and certified to perform. I agree to refrain from recommending treatment, diagnosing a condition, or suggesting that a student disregard medical advice. I agree to acknowledge the limitations and contraindications of yoga and refer students to the appropriate health-care professionals. 
  • I agree to consistently maintain and improve my professional knowledge and competence, striving for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and through continued education and training. 
  • I agree that effective yoga teaching often involves some physical contact applied in an atmosphere of safety. It is my responsibility as a teacher to create and maintain a safe environment that engenders trust and mutual respect among students and teachers. I agree to offer compassionate, competent, and safe hands-on assists to my students when assisting them in yoga classes. 
  • I agree that an essential part of teaching yoga is the development and maintenance of a professional teacher/student relationship. This includes establishing clear and appropriate social and sexual boundaries. 
  • I agree to refrain, under all circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, sexual activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a student, even if the student attempts to sexualize the relationship. 
  • I agree to conduct my business and professional activities with honesty and integrity. 
  • I agree to refuse to unjustly discriminate against students.
  • I agree to avoid any interest, activity, or influence that might be in conflict with my obligation as a teacher to act in the best interest of the students and of Moksha Yoga Amazónica. 
  • I agree to respect students’ boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, emotional expression, and beliefs. 
  • I agree and understand that all actions that breach the principles of this Ethics Agreement will be fairly investigated. I understand that if the situation warrants, my certification as a Moksha Yoga Amazónica YogaTeacher may be revoked or restricted, and my employment at Moksha Yoga Amazónica may be terminated. 


Moksha Yoga Amazonica yoga teacher in-training 200-hour criteria for certification

This program is intended to result in certification as a Moksha Yoga Amazónica 200-hour Yoga teacher. Certified Moksha Yoga Amazónica Yoga teachers must possess a certain level of emotional and mental stability, and the skills necessary to safely and competently teach yoga. You will be evaluated on the criteria listed below. Although the majority of students who attend complete this program and are certified, we reserve the right to withhold certification from any student who fails to develop the necessary skills and meet the criteria described below. 

In the event that you do not make satisfactory progress, every attempt will be made to provide input throughout the program about challenges that might be impeding your certification. If it is determined that you have not successfully met the certification requirements, you will meet with the teacher trainers, who will determine the appropriate steps needed for you to complete certification. This process may include working with a certified Moksha Yoga Amazónica teacher or mentor at additional expense. The specifics of any additional work required will be determined individually, based on the needs of each student. In the case of extended study and a pending certification, the student and the teacher trainers will agree upon the terms of continued study and sign a letter outlining the required steps and the timeline agreed upon with the teacher trainers. Students who are unable to complete the additional requirements within a year from the end date of the program must repeat the training in order to be certified. Any student denied certification by the teacher trainers has the right to seek the review of the Director of Moksha Yoga Amazónica, whose decision will be final. 

Moksha Yoga Amazónica reserves the right to ask any student enrolled in a yoga teacher training program to leave the program if the school determines that student is not a good fit for the program. There are no refunds available if a student is asked to leave training. 


Certification Requirements Attendance 

100 percent attendance is required. To be considered present, you must arrive on time and stay for the duration of the session, or you must talk to training staff before leaving a session. The staff will note tardiness, and excessive tardiness will result in not receiving certification. If you need to miss any session, you must speak to a teacher-trainer prior to the session. You are responsible for making up hours and any course material missed. 

Active Class Participation 

Being fully present and actively participating in the daily activities of class to the best of your abilities is required. Actively participating enables you to process, apply, interact, and share experiences as part of the educational process. The interactive components support the goal and the educational objectives for learning to be an effective Yoga teacher. 

Teaching Competence and Proficiency 

Students must demonstrate command of the skills necessary to safely and competently teach a yoga asana class. Participation in all practice-teaching sessions is mandatory for certification. During these sessions and throughout the training you must demonstrate the ability to teach yoga using the methodology presented in the training as noted below: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge, embodiment, and modeling of postures, including modifications, intuitive and evidence-based benefits, contraindications, and alignment principles. 
  • Demonstrate understanding and use of effective conscious communication skills. 
  • Demonstrate ability to lead basic pranayama, guided meditation, and relaxation. 
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology — muscles, bones, and systems. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Yoga philosophy and methodology.

Maintain Safe Space for Teaching and Practicing Yoga 

Students must have the ability to create a safe space for people to learn and practice yoga through demonstrating the following abilities: 

  • Appropriately direct and manage attention toward oneself and others. 
  • Receive, integrate, and give constructive feedback. 
  • Show respect for other students, guests, noise, time, and the experience. 
  • Articulate, describe, and embody the Moksha Yoga Amazónica Teacher’s Ethics Agreement. 
  • Bring forth personal needs and concerns to appropriate staff in a timely manner. 


Students will be given a series of assessments designed to support integration of content. The assignments include self-reflective based journaling, essays, and practice teaching exercises. The successful completion of these assessments, as determined by the training staff, is required for certification.

Take-Home Assignments

Following Yoga Alliance’s latest standards update which allows students to complete 40 hours of training before arrival, in addition to our pre-arrival preparation phase we have created an online post-departure section with take-home assignments such as asana alignment photographs, essay, and case study. Although students will receive a Moksha Yoga Amazónica 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate upon successfully completing the in-person portion of the training, they must satisfactorily complete and submit all assignments and materials in order for Moksha Yoga Amazónica to approve their registration with Yoga Alliance. 

Professional Behavior and Ethical Conduct

Professional behavior and ethical conduct create an environment that promotes a safe, high- quality student experience and engenders a constructive learning environment. The following are guidelines for professional behavior and ethical conduct: 

  • Maintain cleanliness and a neat appearance, and dress appropriately for class. 
  • Listen respectfully to students and teachers during group activities and personal sharing. 
  • Respect the cultural and religious differences of others. 
  • Remain truthful in verbal and written communications. 
  • Communicate differences in opinion and good-faith criticism respectfully, in the appropriate forum. 
  • Be on time for class and meetings. 
  • Keep shared student information confidential. 

Students in the training program are required to adhere to the program guidelines as stated above and in the Yoga Teachers-in-Training Responsibility Agreement, and the Yoga Teacher’s Ethics Agreement. These requirements are designed to create safety while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Failure to adhere could result in denial of certification. 

Moksha Yoga Amazónica does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, or sexual preference. 

By progressing in the pre-training phase and attending in-person trainings or events, I verify that I have read and understand the above certification criteria, Moksha Yoga Amazonica’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Resolution Policy, and I understand that failure to adequately meet these criteria may result in not being granted certification after I have commenced participation. My participation in the in-person phase of the training constitute agreement to these agreements, criteria, and policies. 

Essentially, we ask you to be respectful of others, their race, religion, political views or ideologies, and to focus instead on your own spiritual growth and developing or deepening a daily yoga practice. This YTT is not about delivering a phenomenal asana practicum class at the completion of the training, but instead about learning new practices that you can bring back home with you to live life with a little more softness and equanimity. We invite you to think about your group’s energy, and how you will play a part in it. 



The teachers and students will support each other’s goals and remind one another of the opportunities we have; to learn, to grow, to spread happiness by inner peace, to embody yoga.