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We build community through actions, through selfless service, through self-inquiry into our authentic nature, and through daily practice. On, and off the yoga mat.  

We practice developing intimacy with others, but also with ourselves to get in touch with our own subtle body energies and in tune with our essence nature.

We are Moksha Yoga Amazónica.

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Moksha Yoga Amazónica

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Founder & Program Director

Hi! I'm Vincent, a Canadian yoga teacher living in the Amazon jungle of Peru. I grew up in Montreal and began practicing sports at the age of 5. After discovering martial arts and pranayama at 15, I phased out my practices of ice hockey and soccer to focus exclusively on Kung-Fu. I was fascinated with how my teacher..

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Co-Founder & Host

Shirley's passion is to live a healthy and balanced life both physically and spiritually. She is an avid practitioner of conscious nutrition and detoxification techniques, which brought her to yoga initially. She is a certified 500 hour yoga teacher, and her classes blend gentle alignment-based flows connecting breath and movement ...

Moksha Yoga Amazonica Kranti Londhe Peru

Yoga Teacher

I am glad to introduce myself as a yoga consultant practicing and consulting for over 19 years. I am trained from various reputed yoga institutes in India. I teach different yoga styles like hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga ,prana flow etc. and I am also well-versed with various yoga therapies (belt & rope). I have worked with various corporate ...

Danni Cullen Moksha Yoga Amazonica Yoga Detox Peru

Yoga Teacher

Danni comes from a Background of Theatre and Performance. For years she has worked with Touring theatre companies all over the world. However with the stress and uncertainty of the acting world she decided to try yoga, the perfect way to bring a little calm into her hectic world and stay fit for productions. Never realising the ...

Arbely Rubalcava Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I’m Arbely, I was born in Mexico, grew up in Montréal and later moved to Saskatchewan to study a bachelor in Kinesiology. I was drawn to sports at a very young age, and started competing in rhythmic gymnastics when I was nine. After leaving the sport in my adolescence, I was searching for something healing yet physical, and...

Moksha Yoga Amazonica Emily Cordes

Yoga Teacher

Emily loves the simple joys in life. The first sip of coffee in the morning, the warmth of the sun, the sounds of nature. Practicing and teaching yoga has allowed her to connect more deeply to these simple joys, and this is what she loves to share with her students. It's not about what shape you make with your body, it's about what you learn ...

karolina kisiel Moksha Yoga Amazonica Amazon jungle Peru Yoga Detox

Yoga Teacher

Karolina believes that we can gain a greater connection within ourselves, between each other and to the natural world. Yoga is the union of all things, and the practice has deepened this awareness, allowing her to find sturdier ground and helping her attune to her inner guide. She holds over 500 hours in YTT training and has an ...

Alina Kazan Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hi! I’m Alina, an Armenian / American yoga teacher and forever student! I am also an artist, nature lover, traveler, adventure seeker and heart-led soul. I value connection, expression and freedom above anything else. As someone who loves to express through movement and dance I fell in love with yoga primarily due to the asana, as most ...

Marisa Loughborough Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Marisa, and my yoga journey started over twenty years ago when my parents picked up yoga in Dallas, Texas and started bringing me. Most of the time I would play with the one or two other kids outside the yoga room, waiting for my parents to finish, but sometimes my parents could convince me to come in and take a class. I remember the ... 

Loren Thomas Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Dr. Loren Thomas loves yoga, running, teaching, philosophy, and meditation.  Professionally he taught religion and served as principal and superintendent of various schools during his 28-year long career in New Jersey public education. He holds three masters degrees in philosophy, religion, and education, and a ...

Sophia Pskova Moksha Yoga Amazonica Amazon jungle yoga yin vinyasa detox

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I'm Sophia, a traveling yoga teacher with a real passion for movement, whether that's asana, dance, animal movements, or arm balance play. I am a strong believer that moving our bodies in different, fun, and creative ways can spark even more inspiration and joy both on and off the mat.

I studied yoga in North Sumatra, Indonesia and in ..

Tiana Prince Moksha Yoga Amazonica Yoga Detox meditation Peru

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I'm Tiana, a Canadian yoga teacher, educator, and adventure-lover, on the path of devotion. I believe in teaching (and living!) from the heart, and I'm passionate about creating meaningful experiences of exploration and connection for my students. To me, yoga is a loving conversation, and I enjoy incorporating tools of ...

Maria Wada Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Maria Wada is a passionate yoga practitioner/teacher and a professional dancer/choreographer based in Los Angeles. She was a principal dancer on several world tours with artists such as Madonna, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Being a dancer led her to yoga practice in 2012. Yoga has helped her both physically and ...

Jenny Russell Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hi there, I'm Jenny! I'm an Irish yoga teacher, ayurvedic coach, and musician. I teach and practice traditional tantric hatha yoga, yin yoga, bhakti yoga and vedantic meditation, having studied in the Sri Vidya lineage. Above all else I strive to share the teachings in a way that fosters devotion and reverence - for practice, for the self, and for ...

Leila Knight

Yoga Teacher

Leila’s classes focus primarily on physical alignment and harmonizing it with the breath to facilitate the exploration of one’s connection to the self in a safe space. She teaches hatha, vinasa and yin yoga and is a certified personal trainer. Leila believes that yoga can be a powerful tool to navigate the physical, mental and emotional ...

Rosy Elliott Moksha Yoga Amazonica Yoga Detox Ayurveda Amazon jungle book yoga retreats

Yoga Teacher

Rosy Elliott has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. Her teaching style is clear and inclusive, encouraging students of all levels to find their own way into the practice with the

intention of becoming embodied and empowered. In her own life yoga is a limitless source of grounding, inspiration, transformation and joy.

Audrey Smith Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Audrey comes from Oregon, USA, and started dancing at the age of four. She has extensive training and experience in classical ballet, modern, tap, and ballroom for over fifteen years. In her adolescence, she discovered her delight for yoga’s individualistic approach to movement; a welcome departure from the stringent confines of classical... 

Anik Clément Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Namaste! My name is Anik, a lively vinyasa yoga teacher currently residing in Canada, originally from Michigan. Throughout my life I have felt called and attracted to movement. My Mexican Mother introduced me to the yoga world, and I have stayed there for as long as I remember. Soon after High School, I completed ...

Malin Bray Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Malin. I blend my passion for music with a unique vinyasa practice. My classes incorporate intelligent and invigorating sequencing, diverse music and calming energy. Through yoga, I bring forth the balance medicine of movement and energetic alignment. I believe yoga creates an opportunity for empowerment that shows us the ...

Alex Diciaula Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Welcome! I'm Alex. I first began practicing yoga somewhere along the way as a teenager to supplement my athletic training, and continued for the physical benefits as well as for the mental clarity into college where I thrived on the basketball court. I began taking yoga more seriously after my career ended, as I transitioned ...

Michael Ruth Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Yoga Teacher

Hello! My name is Michael. I am a 10 year Navy veteran and I have a career background in the surgical field, where I specialized in orthopedics and neurospine as a surgical first assistant. I am also a yoga studio owner and teacher and mentor. My personal yoga practices are Ancient African and Egyptian methods of yoga that ...

Lauren Brown Moksha Yoga Amazonica Peru

Yoga Teacher

Hi! I'm Lauren, an American yoga teacher originally from Michigan. Growing up I was very active through many different sports, playing soccer and volleyball, downhill skiing, and dancing. For as long as I can remember I have loved physical movement, and what it does for the spirit. While completing my Bachelor's degree in Psychology ...  

Dr. Vaidya Ashlesha Raut Moksha Yoga Amazonica Tribe

Ayurveda Program Director

Vaidya Ashlesha Raut is an Integrative Ayurvedic Physician (Vaidya), Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant & Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.  She is also a second degree Reiki healer and Certified Pranic Healer. Vaidya Ashlesha is a 3rd generation Vaidya classically trained in Ayurveda with specialization in ... 

Nidhi Goel Moksha Yoga Amazonica

Nidhi Goel

Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Nidhi and my role at Moksha Yoga Koh Tao is to oversee all retreats, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings and hosted group programs. I am in charge of communicating with our guests and students and your go-to person to answer any questions you may have. I want to make sure that you have a smooth journey from start to finish ...